10 Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

If you're looking for some easy and practical cleaning hacks that can make your home sparkle, you've come to the right place! We’ve put together 10 quick and easy cleaning hacks that may just change your life and have your home sparkling clean in no time!

1. Baking soda & vinegar for tough stains

For those hard-to-remove stains or mildew, try using baking soda and vinegar together to create a gentle, natural cleaning agent. This combination is ideal for removing clutter from hardwood floors, tile grout as well as freshening carpets.

2. Create all-purpose cleaner with lemon juice and olive oil

With just the ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, make an all-purpose cleaner using lemon juice and olive oil! Mix together one cup of baking soda with two tablespoons each of both liquids. Stir until it's paste like, then apply to kitchen surfaces, natural wood, windows and stainless steal surfaces that needs some extra shine. Enjoy sparkling clean results without tackling aggressive chemical cleaners!

3. Use old newspapers to polish windows and mirrors

Old newspapers make great polishers for windows and mirrors as their high fiber content helps capture dust quickly while avoiding smearing like paper towels may do! Just crumple some old newspaper pages into balls then wet it slightly so they don't stick together when wiping across glass surfaces; you'll have sparkling windows in no time!

4. Wipe with soap and water before vacuuming carpets

Before you start vacuuming your carpets (particularly those made from natural materials), always wipe down first using warm soapy water mixed with essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree oil. This helps fight bacteria and other microbes living inside fibers of carpets over time.

5. Unclog a stuck drain with coffee

Coffee grounds can be mixed with dish soap and boiling water to unclog drains. All you need to do is mix the grounds with soap, pour the mixture into your drain, following it up with a lengthy pour of boiling water. The combination of which will break up whatever's clogging your pipes.

6. Use essential oils to polish furniture

If a lack of furniture polish has you stumped, don’t stress! An easy solution is lemon essential oil. Perfect for polishing dark wood surfaces and removing any spots or stains, it's an all-in-one furnishing helper. As a bonus, try tea tree oil as it doubles as both cleaner and bug repellant.

7. Remove small scratches on furniture with toothpaste

If you're dreading spending hundreds of dollars getting your furniture refinished because of unsightly scratches, you’re in luck - a dollop of toothpaste may do the trick. Simply buff out those pesky marks in a circular motion with non-gel paste and wipe away any residue with a damp cloth.

8. Remove candle wax from furniture with ice cubes

If you ever spill candle wax on a piece of furniture, don't risk ruining its finish by trying to scrape it off. Instead, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes, place it over the wax, and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the wax has sufficiently cooled and hardened, you can pick it up easily without ruining your furniture's finish or fabric.

9. Use a hairdryer to get crayon marks of the walls

If the kids have been unleashing their inner Picasso on your walls, fear not! Grab a hairdryer and heat up those crayon marks. A few seconds of warmth should soften the wax enough to easily wipe away, leaving your walls clean and crayon-free.

10. Clean a messy ceramic cooktop with a Magic Eraser

Ceramic cooktops may be an attractive option, but sometimes they can become a nightmare to clean. Fortunately, a Magic Eraser can make cleaning a breeze. This mild abrasive sponge works wonders and will have those caked-on messes gone in no time without harming the surface of your cooking range.

Cleaning isn't always fun, but with these helpful tips and tricks, it doesn't have to be daunting. Your home will be sparkling in no time!

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