10 Interior Design Tricks to Give Your Home a Glow up

Transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary with these simple yet effective interior design tips. With the right approach, you can elevate your home and create a haven that reflects your personal style and taste.

1. Revive With A Repaint

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to refresh any area. The colour of your walls will set the tone for your home's style and feel. Choose bold neutrals like khaki to transport yourself to a lush jungle haven or opt for pristine white walls to create a light, bright and expansive atmosphere. While a vibrant shade makes a bold statement, guiding your interior selection, the simplicity of white walls gives you more capacity to experiment with decorative elements as it acts as a blank canvas.

2. Make An Entrance

To refresh your home on a budget, a simple trick is to spruce up the entrance. You can give your front door a vibrant paint job, update hardware elements, or introduce some greenery with a few potted plants. These simple changes can add a pop of personality and style to your home's façade. If the entrance is unattractive or dull, you're destined to create a bad first impression even before guests walk through the door. Starting with the entrance is a quick and cost-effective way to upgrade your home that can have a powerful impact.

3. Upgrade Your Hardware

From the kitchen cupboards to wardrobe and bathroom cabinets and beyond, swapping out old hardware for something more modern can quickly upgrade your space. Even just updating knobs and handles can give your space a fresh new look. Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint can also bring a modern and upgraded feeling. If your cupboards are currently a light colour, consider going bold and bright. Or if they're wood, why not switch it up with a white finish?

4. Refresh Your Lighting

One of the most underrated changes you can make to your home is lighting. Lighting can change the ambience of a space and completely transform a room. If your home has outdated light fixtures, consider swapping them for updated lights to instantly improve the aesthetic of the interior. An oversized fixture can showcase high ceiling height and draw attention around the room, while also providing much-needed light to darker spaces. Floor lamps are a fantastic addition to any interior, adding both decoration and functionality when chosen correctly.

5. Incorporate Stone

Incorporating stone elements in your home can give it a refreshing new feeling. While integrating stone in your bathroom or kitchen can be costly, using furniture and accessories made of stone can bring a luxurious feel throughout your house without breaking the bank. Although stone accents can be expensive, incorporating stone furniture or accent pieces can rejuvenate your home's décor. Everyday pieces such as consoles, side tables, and trays can be used in high-traffic areas to create maximum visual impact. You can find affordable decorative pieces with a stone look at Kmart to add a touch of elegance to your home.

6. Revamp Your Throw Pillow Collection

Though it's tempting to accumulate a plethora of throw pillows, consider pausing and reassessing your collection. Throw pillows are like candles - easy and inexpensive gifts or impulse purchases that can easily pile up. Just like you wouldn't light all of your candles at once, you shouldn't pile every pillow you've ever bought on to your sofa at once either. Take a look at your pillows and get rid of anything that doesn't match your style. This way, you can rotate your pillows seasonally to keep your space looking fresh and engaging.

7. DIY Custom Curtains

Custom curtains can add a fresh feel to any room, but they often come with a hefty price tag. You can achieve a similar look without the expense by installing curtain rods halfway between the top of the window frame and the ceiling or crown moulding. This will ensure that the curtains gracefully touch the floor, giving the perception of higher ceilings and mimicking the look of custom drapery. To create this look, purchase silk or velvet panels from a range of retailers and set up the rods yourself.

8. Embrace Rug Layering

Not a fan of your flooring? Whether you're a renter or don't have the budget to re-floor just yet, rugs can be a lifesaver to elevate your home's interior. Rugs can be your saviour, concealing damaged floors and adding depth to your rooms, making them feel more inviting and comfortable. When choosing a rug, it's important to consider the size and layout of the room, as well as the style and colour palette you're going for. Opt for rugs with unique patterns, textures, or colours that complement the existing décor and enhance the overall vibe of the space.

9. Rescue & Upgrade Furniture

Replacing furniture can be an expensive task. Instead of going for cheap furniture that will fall apart in a few months, keep an eye out for second-hand furniture that is both beautiful and sturdy. A little bit of elbow grease through sanding and staining or painting can completely upgrade a piece. Another option is to have outdated furniture professionally reupholstered, giving it a new lease of life. You can also consider checking out second-hand furniture options on Facebook Marketplace, consignment shops, or thrift stores. If you’re willing to search diligently, you can find great pieces at a discounted price that may need little to no work.

10. Declutter Your Space

Take a look at your space and eliminate anything that no longer aligns with your style or is unnecessary. By doing so, you can create a more cohesive look and let your favourite pieces really stand out. This will help to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere that you'll love spending time in!

Whether you're looking to refresh your home’s aesthetic or simply want to add the illusion of extra space or light into your home, following a few of these tips will give your home the refresh you’ve been looking for.

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