2023 Home Trend Predictions

The interior design cycle is a never ending journey that evolves and incorporates the latest trends in technology, music, art and fashion, and it’ll be no different as we enter the new year. This year, experts from Vogue, Harpers Bazar and Elle Decor are predicting that we are entering an era of fun! Think eclecticism, colour and a strong influence of the natural world. Let’s take a closer look at the trends you can expect to see this year.

Old is New

This trend is all about history, character and heritage. A statement feature in your home can create a true sense of place and aesthetic, while also creating a focal point in the room that helps tie everything together. Think 18th century fireplaces, cast iron lacework and stain glass windows. These elements pay homage to the home’s heritage but incorporate a modern twist. Blending character features with a stylish design aesthetic like clean white surrounding walls allows you to keep it contemporary without losing the character of the home. If you who old world charm but are looking for something fresh and new then this is the trend for you! This look works well if you have an older home that needs updating but you don't want to lose its character by removing all of the original features.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are making a comeback. It's all about the power of muted shades that blend in with nature to create an organic interior colour scheme. This trend has its roots in warm minimalism, but is starting to trend as it mixes well with modern textures, patterns and materials like marble and leather. The rise of muted shades can create a calm interior atmosphere, and is perfect for those looking for sophisticated style that doesn't shout from the rooftops. The best way to incorporate earthy tones into your home is by using them as a base for your colour palette. You can add in pops of colour through accessories such as cushions and rugs, but keep the walls neutral so that they work well with any future changes you might make.


Neoclassicism is a design trend that is all about elegance and sophistication. The focus is on highly detailed and symmetrical lines, natural materials, and an organic approach to the space. Neoclassical furniture, light fixtures and colour schemes are used in a way that normalises this elegant style with other periods of design while creating a signature aesthetic. Neoclassical elements can be found in everything from window treatments to lighting fixtures, but they are most often seen in furniture pieces like sofas or chairs: think clean lines, carved legs or feet and simple upholstery options like linen or velvet fabrics with natural tones like ivory colors that complement earthy tones.


Terrazzo gained popularity in 2022 and we have no doubt it will continue to trend throughout 2023. The terrazzo look is trending strong instead of the full, book-matched slabs of marble that became ubiquitous in kitchens and baths during recent years. It gives it a very distinct look that isn't dulled by polishing like many other stone surfaces are after repeated use over time. The kitchen is becoming a popular place for terrazzo, both on floors and walls, as well as bathrooms where it can be used for countertops. If you’re looking to make a statement, we’re seeing terrazzo accent walls becoming a feature in the home.


Organic curves are all about bringing the outdoors into your home, and it's taking cues from nature to do so—it's all about organic textures and materials. From furniture made of wood or stone, to upholstery made from natural fibres like cotton and wool, this design trend is all about incorporating organic elements into your decorating scheme, resulting in a space that feels calm, relaxed, and welcoming interiors with their soft, rounded appearance. The natural world has a lot of curves, so it's no surprise that these elements are linked to relaxation and calmness.

1980s Maximalism

The 1980s are back! And they're bringing opulence, luxury and bold colours with them. Maximalism is characterised by a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, with an emphasis on luxury and opulence. Furniture and décor are often oversized and imposing, with a focus on making a statement. A mix of different textures and materials is often used, as well as mirrored surfaces, velvet and metallic accents. Geometric patterns such as zig zags are common, often in large scale. Artworks can be painted or hung in gallery-like chains to create an interesting focal point for the room.


Sustainable Furnishings

As sustainability becomes more important to homeowners, we'll start to see more eco-friendly features in homes that go beyond solar and energy-efficient appliances. The perfect example of this is furniture made from recycled sources like reclaimed wood and reclaimed stone. With a focus on being environmentally friendly, sustainable and organic, specific materials are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world. From bamboo flooring to cork wall panels and recycled glass tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of your home, these materials are making their way into the mainstream and quickly becoming a non-negotiable in the home.

Vaycay Vibes

Those lucky enough to have flown internationally in the last year are picking up more than just your standard souvenirs from their travels. Experiences abroad are enriching our cultural understanding and appreciation for art — as we try (and buy) new pieces or gain inspiration from architectural aesthetics seen throughout our journeys to add a global flair. Whether we purchase ornate ceramics for the lounge room or beautiful prints of the Amalfi Coast, we’re seeing more and more ‘vaycay’-vibes scattered throughout the home.

From colour to textures and design, 2023 is all about injecting a little fun, nostalgia and noise into the home. Which trends will you be trying in your home this year?

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