Advantages of Hiring a Local Real Estate Agent

Agents come in all shapes and sizes – some agents are area specialists and some are jack of all trades covering the entire metropolitan area. So what’s the advantage of using a local area agent? – and does it actually translate into more money?

Some would argue that the most important factor is to choose an agent who is active in your local area. An agent’s local knowledge and expertise will often sell a home faster for the best price possible.

If you are buying or selling a home in a specific area, choosing to work with a local real estate agent can pay off big time. A local agents has the power to make your entire real estate transaction move more quickly. They are tuned in, tapped in and networked into all the things you need to generate a great price !

Working with an agent who is familiar with the local area can provide you with these advantages:


When selling a home we are not just selling the features of the home but selling the lifestyle that comes with it and this is where local agents real shine!  Buyers want a great home, but, not if it doesn’t tick the boxes of how they want to live. The passion and knowledge about the area of a local agent can be contagious.

Local agents will know the most about the area that you are planning to buy or sell in. With a local agent, you wont have to wait for them to look up every single thing about the area. They will know their area inside and out, which can make everything move more quickly.

An agent who is selling homes in your suburb or a neighbouring suburb should know all there is to know about the area. Buyers can ask all sorts of questions from the local bus route, the number of primary schools, the high school boundary, local shopping centre expansion plans or road changes. An agent who can talk with authority about the suburb will be able to give the prospective buyer more information and hold a conversation for longer.

They will also know the average market price and trends of the area if you are selling. A local agent will always have valuable information at their fingertips for their clients. Recent sales and the ability to make finely tuned comparisons against other homes can all put you at an advantage.


If you are using a local agent to help sell your home, they will be able to physically meet up with you more often. This will also make it easier for your agent to assist you in presenting your home for sale. If you are buying, a local agent will be able to schedule showings for you and get you in to see homes more quickly. Meeting up with an agent rather than just exchanging phone calls and emails can make it easier to communicate what you need and can help avoid confusion.

In addition, an agent that is focussed on one location can generally allocate you a longer home open time as their home open day isn’t being chewed up with driving time. Having home opens everywhere from Rockingham to Hillary’s means you will have short home opens and more than likely end up with a junior assistant – which is definitely not what you paid for !


If an agent has sold the house across the road, the one down the street and over the back fence there is a good chance they know what price point to market the home. An out of area agent can look up the selling prices of the homes but they won’t have been through previously sold houses to know how they really compare to the current listing.


When you use a local agent you can ask to see all their testimonials from past clients who also sold in the area. Reading testimonials can give a seller the peace of mind and confidence that their chosen agent will achieve the best possible outcome. is a great reference for those looking to research what other buyers ad sellers have to say.


An agent with other listings in the suburb will meet buyers at other home opens. A buyer will often say that the property they are viewing isn’t quite right because they are looking for a particular feature or size. A good agent will take a note of this and if your property is a match, they can make contact with the prospects and invite them to view before the house is even advertised.

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