Do I Need a for Sale Sign to Get My Home Sold?

A number of people often ask whether for sale signboards are necessary when selling their house. Our answer to this question is (almost) always, do you want to sell your house? Then you absolutely need a for sale sign.

A lot of people resist having a for sale sign because they want to have a little bit of anonymity and privacy when selling their home. Unfortunately, when you want to sell your house, the first and foremost aspect to your marketing strategy is to ensure that everyone with a heartbeat knows your home is for sale.

People are busy and they're not always going to happen to find your listing while they're looking online. The truth is that no real estate agent ever really knows exactly where that one buyer is going to come from. They may come from seeing it online, in the newspaper, social media or it may come from someone driving past your house because they’re on their way to look at another house and they just happen to see your for sale sign.

What does having a for sale sign show?

  • Photos show a glimpse into what the property looks like on the inside
  • The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, study etc.
  • The size of the property
  • It may have a price guide
  • Contact details of the agent

When you’re serious about selling your house, you need to make sure you tick all the boxes and ensure you get the most exposure for your property. There’s no point keeping it all a secret, because then that one buyer that may be willing to pay top dollar is never going to know about your property.

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