How to Get Your Home Summer Ready

Is your home summer ready? With the promise of warm days and open-window evenings, it’s important to prep your space for barbeques and balmy nights. It's not just about aesthetics but optimising for the season's functionality. If you're planning to make the most of summer, start prepping your home with these top tips.

Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Kick things off by clearing any dead leaves and debris, and mow the lawn to give it a fresh look. Remove any weeds that may have grown and prune the bushes and plants to encourage new growth. If you feel your garden needs a touch of vibrancy, consider planting fast-growing varieties like sweet peas, sunflowers, or cornflowers. These additions will not only enhance your garden's aesthetic but also attract beneficial pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Decorate With Summer Hues

Embrace summer's palette to infuse your home with its vibrant energy. Think fresh with shades like zesty yellows, subtle pastel blues, and warm oranges. It could be as simple as a new coat of paint or adding cushions to your living area. And if you're looking to refresh your bedroom, a set of bright bed linens can make all the difference. Ultimately, summer is a great time to mix things up and inject a bit of colour and freshness into your space.


Prime Your BBQ for Action

Barbeques should ideally be cleaned after every use, however, it is recommended that they are deep cleaned on occasion as well. As summer approaches, it's the ideal time to put on those gloves and address the accumulated grease and grime. Not only will this prep your barbecue for the alfresco dining season, but neglecting those layers of charred remnants and lingering oil can become a potential fire hazard.


Dust Off Your Outdoor Furniture

With a little effort, you can restore your outdoor furniture to its former glory. Start by removing any dirt, cobwebs, and debris accumulated from the winter weather using warm soapy water. For wooden pieces, a pressure washer does wonders, efficiently removing grime. If your furniture still looks a bit worn out, consider giving it a new look with weather-proof paint or a coat of varnish. These simple steps can go a long way in rejuvenating your outdoor furniture without having to buy anything new.


Keep Your Space Light and Airy

As we say goodbye to winter and pack away our winter coats, it’s time to welcome a lighter, brighter ambience into our homes. Consider trading those thick blankets for airy throws and transitioning from darker bed linens to fresher, summer-inspired ones. Other tricks to try include opening windows (don't forget to give them a clean), using mirrors strategically to reflect light and placing plants on sideboards.


Prepare for Bugs

Many species of insects go dormant during winter and early spring due to the colder weather, but they come out again in full force as soon as temperatures rise. Before they come back, it's wise to prep your space. It's a good idea to tidy up any leftover leaves or debris around your home, give your doors and windows a quick check for any sneaky cracks, and ensure those window screens are hole-free. If you want to put out pesticides or other repellants, now’s a great time to set them up.

Ensure Your Air Conditioning Works

If you’ve not used your air conditioner since last summer, you might want to ensure it is working at its best before you rely on it to cool your home over the coming months. Dirty filters not only spread unpleasant odours throughout your home but can also hinder your unit's efficiency and airflow. Give them a thorough clean or replace if necessary. Additionally, don't overlook your air ducts. Cleaning them removes accumulated dust and debris, ensuring a consistent and cool airflow – a necessity for those hot summer days.

With these tips in hand, you're all set to make your space a perfect summer sanctuary, ready for those balmy summer days and nights ahead.

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