How to Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t starting to feel it - the days feel shorter and nights are chillier, and it’s time to accept that winter is coming!

As winter starts to roll in, the change of season requires more than just a change of wardrobe, our homes also need to transform and adapt to these colder months too. You may think it's all about cranking up the heating, but in reality, creating a cosy, warm space involves more than that. Here are 10 things you can do to transform your home into a cosy space to relax and unwind in this winter.

Insulate Your Home

The best place to start is by ensuring that your home is well insulated. Make sure your windows, doors, and walls don't have any gaps that could let the cold in. If you do find any gaps, seal them up. Wall insulation can also be an effective way to trap heat indoors. Don’t forget to close doors to keep the warm air in.

Add Rugs and Carpets

Cold floors can make your home feel chilly even with the heating on. Rugs and carpets are a great solution to this. Not only do they add warmth and comfort underfoot, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your room, creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Invest in Quality Bedding

Your bed should be the cosiest spot in your home. Opt for flannel sheets, a warm duvet, and consider adding a comfortable quilt or throw for extra warmth. Our top pick in the office at the moment is Sheet Society’s Frankie Flannelette sheets - we’re obsessed! It’s also a good time to swap out your lighter summer doona for a heavier and warmer winter doona.

Use Warm Colours

Colour has a substantial impact on our perception of temperature. Warm colours like reds, oranges, and yellows can make a room feel warmer. Consider adding a few warm-toned cushions, a new piece of wall art to add cosiness to your room.

Humidify Your Home

During the winter, the air can become dry from heating systems, making the environment feel colder. Using a humidifier can add moisture to the air, making it feel warmer and also benefitting your skin and respiratory system.

Use Warm Lighting

The quality of light can make a significant difference in how a room feels. Avoid harsh, bright lights and instead, opt for warmer, softer lighting. Warm lighting make a space feel more cosy. Ditch the bright, overhead lights and perhaps opt for lamps to create a cosy mood. This, paired with a good movie and a glass of red on a Friday night - what more could you want?

Add A Touch Of Nature

Inviting elements of the natural world into your home can effortlessly enhance its warmth and comfort. Enliven and refresh your indoor spaces by welcoming indoor plants, which not only contribute to a lively ambience but also aid in purifying the air.

Layer Up with Throws and Blankets

Speaking of throws, they’re not just for the bedroom. Having blankets and throws in your living areas provides not only warmth but also a sense of comfort and cosiness. When choosing these, consider materials like wool or faux fur for maximum warmth - perfect for days cosying up on the couch with a good book and a hot drink.

Invest in a Good Quality Heater

If your central heating isn't sufficient, a portable heater can be a good supplement. There are various types available, make sure to choose one that's energy-efficient and safe to use. Don’t forget to be sure to set the thermostat between 18 - 20 degrees celsius - each degree over that uses about 10% more energy.

Get Cosy

Getting an electric blanket can really make a difference when the cold sets in. It's like your own personal heater that makes sure your bed is always just the right level of cosy. And let's not forget a comfy pair of slippers. Ideal for those more chilly mornings, slip them on and you’ll feel cosy in no time. Our favourites are anything Emu Australia.

With these simple yet effective tips, your home (and you!) will be feeling cosy in no time. While your first instinct may be to crank the heating, there are so many other ways to transform your home into a warm and cosy haven.

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