Is This the Right Neighbourhood for Me?

When you buy a new home, you purchase much more than just the house itself! Before making an offer, you’ll want to consider the neighbourhood and lifestyle that comes with it. Whether you and your family are planning on making a big move or looking for your very first home, you can take these steps to ensure you make the right decision.

Get out of your car

Walk around the neighbourhood streets or take a stroll down to the local park. There’s nothing quite like walking around on your own two feet to get a real sense of what the area is like, and you can’t do this from the inside your car.

Don’t be afraid to chat with the locals

Sometimes the best way to get authentic feedback on a new neighbourhood is by talking to those who live there. Go and knock on the door of a couple of the neighbours. People are usually proud of their area, so who better to talk than the locals? If there are any problems, they will likely be quick to tell you.

Visit at different times of the day

Each suburb can be different depending on the time of day. It might look different on the weekend with few cars, but come Monday morning, it could be congested and noisy, or a nearby alley may look perfectly harmless during the day but very different at night if there are no street lights.

See how long it takes to get to work

Time how long it takes you to get to work. Many people take this for granted and don’t think about it. See how long it takes you to commute in peak hour traffic - there’s no point in buying a house if it adds an extra 20 minutes to your morning drive and this may be a dealbreaker for you.

Speak to the council

Check with your local council – make sure there’s nothing untoward going on in the neighbourhood, like the next-door neighbour planning to build a 3-storey house or a daycare centre across the road.

All of these quick and easy tips will help make sure that you’re well ahead and prepared before you put your offer in.

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