Our Favourite Household Dupes

Who says style has to come with a hefty price tag? Your home can ooze both style and sophistication without draining your wallet. So, we’ve been on a hunt, finding you those designer looks without the designer price tags.

Alessi Plisse Kettle & Toaster

Enter Kmart: a hotspot for budget-friendly alternatives without skimping on style. The dupe for Alessi Plisse Kettle and Toaster melds seamlessly into any kitchen decor, providing a sleek and modern touch at a fraction of the cost. Check it out here.

CB2 Bouclé Chair

If you're just as not-so-secretly addicted to TikTok as we are, then you've probably come across CB2's Gwyneth Bouclé Chair at least once. The Casterly dupe offers a similarly luxurious seat at a fraction of the cost, marrying aesthetic appeal with quality in a chair that promises to elevate any living space. Check it out here.

West Elm Quinn Lacquer Sideboard

Subtle, stylish, and remarkably similar to its high-end counterpart, the Alfie Sideboard from Kmart graces your space with an understated luxe, minus the hefty price tag. The comparison between it and the West Elm Quinn is startling, offering a savvy alternative. Check it out here.

Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone Chair

The iconic Danish Wishbone Chair has been around since the 1950s and, for better or for worse, has been replicated countless times over. While you can scoop an original for just shy of $1,000, you can also get the look for (way) less at Rove Concepts. When opting for a full dining chair set, the latter is much more budget-conscious. Check it out here.

Maison Balzac Wave Glasses

With a reputation for crafting eye-catching glassware, Maison Balzac is a coveted brand. However, Kmart comes to the rescue with a remarkably similar, budget-friendly dupe that doesn’t shy away from the brand’s modern aesthetic. Check it out here.

Murano Vintage Lamp

The Kmart dupe of the highly sought-after vintage Murano lamp, which can be sold for upwards of $1900 on collector sites will only set you back a mere $35! These original Italian made lamps were popular in the 1970s and are now hard to come by. The Kmart dupe illuminates your space with a soft glow of opulence without dimming your budget. Check it out here.

Le Creuset Signature Cast Casserole Dish

Aldi presents a $30 dupe of the esteemed Le Creuset Signature Cast Casserole Dish, ensuring your culinary exploits are as stylish as they are scrumptious. With a considerable price differential and rave reviews - with some saying they even prefer the Aldi dupe, this piece is a no-brainer for savvy, style-conscious homemakers. You'll have to pop in store to get your hands on one of these, so you'll want to be quick!

With these dupes, you can effortlessly enhance your home without the hefty price tag, blending a refined aesthetic with a budget-friendly approach.

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