Perth's Best Dog Beaches Your Pooch Needs to Check out

At DUET, we love our furry friends. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite spots to take your pooch now that the weather is starting to warm up.

Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach

Spanning over two kilometres of smooth, white sand that connects North Fremantle and Cottesloe, Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach is a must for any hyperactive pups! Get down early and avoid the crowd.

Peasholm Dog Beach

With its crystal clear waters and spacious open spaces, it’s no wonder why Peasholm Dog Beach is a local pooch’s favourite. Amenities such as hoses, water bowls and poo bags will ensure that you and your dog can enjoy the atmosphere.

Quinns Rock Dog Beach

Located on Ocean Drive in Quinns Rocks, let your pooch have the freedom to roam, dig, play and swim. This dog beach has recently been upgraded and expanded with lots of space to explore. There’s plenty of parking and water stations located throughout so you don’t need to worry about bringing that dog bowl.

Hillary’s Dog Beach

One of the most popular and well-known animal exercise beaches north of Perth, Hillarys dog beach is a go-to for many dog owners. The cool crystal blue waters will be your dog’s best friend all year round. There are a few restrictions to keep in mind; your pooch needs to be on a lead in the morning Monday to Saturday and can be taken off lead in the afternoon. On Sundays they can be off the lead all day.

South Fremantle Dog Beach

With plenty of spaces to run around, your dog will love this beach. Popular amongst the locals, this dog beach has a great community atmosphere. You will find dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, making it a great environment to socialise your pooch. The beach does get very busy so be sure to keep an eye on your pooch at all times.

South City Beach Dog Beach

Another popular dog beach, South City Beach is a local favourite. A beautiful beach with calm conditions and shallow waters, this beach is perfect for your dog to make a splash. Head to Odyssea or The Hamptons after your swim and treat your pooch to a puppacinno.

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