Steal This Look: A Living Room Exuding Warmth and Modernity

Picture this: a living room that feels like a warm hug, yet screams 'stylish' with every detail. Let's dive into this look, breaking it down so you can build this kind of vibe right in your own home.

The Basics

This warm and modern aesthetic is achieved by mixing neutral and earthy tones with the comforting feel of timber, livened up with a dash of yellow. The result is a sanctuary where you can curl up on your plush couch, bask in the intimate ambience, and yet still feel as if you're lounging in the glossy pages of an upscale home décor magazine.

Before looking to re-create this look you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • This look thrives in the arms of natural light. If your room is lacking natural light, the soft subtleties of this style might feel somewhat stifled.
  • The backbone of this room is the generous use of timber, building its character from the ground up. If your home's structure lacks this wooden charm, you may want to sprinkle more timber elements around to successfully mimic this look.
  • The subtle use of accent colours make this space pop, however, if your space already boasts other colours, you may want to stick to those rather than throwing yellow into the mix and having your living room look like a bag of skittles.

We've curated a selection of our favourite products, including options for every budget, to help you recreate this warm and modern look right in your own home.

The Sofa

The sofa really is the star of the show in this look with its oversized rounded proportions - it’s calling us to surrender to its comfort and idle away in relaxation for hours on end.

Achieve this look with:

Sarah Ellison | Muse 3 Seat Sofa


Casaspace | Ada 3-Seater White Boucle Arm Sofa

The Coffee Table

The coffee table, with its timber finish, fits right into the living room scene. It plays a key part in adding that cozy, down-to-earth warmth to the overall look and feel.

Achieve this look with:

Sarah Ellison | Tide Oak Coffee Table


Interior Secrets | Oval Glass Coffee Table


Interior Secrets | Oran Round Glass Top Coffee Table


The Side Table

The side table is a complementary addition to the aesthetic. If your space is lacking in timber, introducing a timber side table instead of white can bring in the warmth your space is missing.

Achieve this look with:

Bludot | Plateau Side Table


Kmart | White Textured Side Table


Brosa | Henley Side Table


The Rug

The rug is the magic glue that binds everything together, creating a snug, comfy haven.

Achieve this look with:

Armadillo | Andorra Rug


Iconic Rugs | Atelier Oskar Felted Wool Striped Rug

The Art

The addition of a peaceful ocean print accentuates the relaxed, leisurely mood permeating this living room. In fact, any artwork featuring water can similarly imbue your space with that same soothing ambience.

Achieve this look with:

Salty Wings | Broken Head Print


DG Designs | Midday Swim Landscape

The Accent Pieces

The addition of the lamps, vases, and trays work like the final brush strokes in a painting, pulling the room together, and adding depth into the space, making it feel like a home.

Achieve this look with:

Marset | Dipping Light

Freedom | Cosh Lamp

Coco Republic | Chaya Travertine Round Tray

RJ Living | Grove Marble Dish

Country Road | Dane Ceramic Vase

Kmart | Raindrop Vase

Jardan | Palmer Flange Cushion Cantaloupe

Brosa | Willow Waves Cushion

If you're gearing up for this makeover, remember, simplicity is your best friend. A clutter-free area doesn't just enhance the look, it's also the secret sauce to nailing this warm, modern living room aesthetic.

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