Styling Your Coffee Table: Every Shape, Every Style

Transforming your coffee table from cluttered chaos to stylish sophistication can often feel like solving a complex puzzle. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide that will help you navigate all things textures, materials, and table shapes with ease. Let’s take a look at the basics and the specifics for each shape and size.

Coffee Table Styling: The Basics

Reflect Your Home's Style

Your coffee table should be a seamless extension of your home's style. Is your space mid-century modern? Or maybe you're more into the minimalist Scandi aesthetic? Or perhaps you're basking in the breezy charm of coastal décor? Whatever your style, your coffee table should be complementary to your home’s style.

Personality Is Key

Remember, there's no place like home, and there's no home like yours. So, let your coffee table styling echo your unique personality. Unleash your inner curator and deck out your table with quirky keepsakes and precious travel mementoes. Your coffee table should tell your story.

Embrace Variety

The trick is to keep the eye engaged, darting from one point of interest to another. Play with heights and layers, but don't forget to give your objects room to breathe. You don't want your coffee table to look like it's gasping for air under a pile of clutter. Remember, it’s not a storage unit – but a stage for your favourite items.

Trays: The Ultimate Secret Weapon

Think of trays as organisers that act as dividers, giving your table a neat, streamlined look. But remember, trays are not compulsory – they're secret weapons. Use them judiciously, and they will reward you with a well-organised and polished setup.

The Joy of Rotation

In the world of coffee table styling, change is the only constant. Swap, switch, shuffle – keep things fresh by regularly introducing new objects and arrangements. Treat your coffee table like a personal art gallery.

Variety Is the Spice of Texture

Avoid monotony at all costs. A shiny vase beside a shiny bird ornament on a shiny tray – it's a glossy overkill! Instead, mix and match textures. Go for a blend of materials that both look and feel different.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let's delve into the specifics.

Styling By Shape: Tips and Tricks for Every Table

The Round Coffee Table

Here's where the rule of three shines. Picture a trio of objects, each at a different height around your table. The tallest could be a vase brimming with fresh flowers, followed by a flickering candle or a decorative bowl, and finally, a stack of books. This configuration creates a harmonious balance that's pleasing to the eye.

The Square Coffee Table

Imagine your square coffee table as a stage with three acts. Each act or 'scene' features a different object, creating a triangle. A rectangular tray, flowers, a candle, and a coaster could make up one scene. Another could star a unique ornament, and the third could showcase a stack of books or a vase filled with flowers. The key is to create visual interest without overwhelming the space.

The Oversized Square Coffee Table

The larger the canvas, the greater the opportunity for creativity. Divide your table into a grid and fill each square with objects of varying sizes and heights. But here's the catch: not every square needs to be filled. Less is more, so allow for empty spaces. You can even nudge one object in a row slightly towards the edge if you don’t want it to look ‘perfectly placed’. Remember, space is a luxury, so don't shy away from showing it off.

The Rectangle Coffee Table

For this longer shape, imagine dividing the table into three unequal sections. One larger section can be a bit off-centre and house a stack of books or a tray with various objects. The other two smaller sections can display other items of your choice. Feel free to layer and keep some objects closer to the front of the table, and others further back. The goal is to create depth, not a linear lineup.

The Oval Coffee Table

Oval tables can be styled in two ways. You can either mirror a round table with three objects of varying heights in the centre or opt for a more formal layout. The latter involves one larger object in the centre (a plant or a vase of flowers, perhaps), surrounded by two smaller, similar-height objects (like a stack of books).

The Two-Level Coffee Table

And what about those trendy two-level coffee tables? Here's a hot tip: think of them as a high-rise building. The bottom level is your foundation, a place for larger, heavier items like books and boxes. The top level, on the other hand, is your penthouse, where the lighter, more decorative pieces (think candles, vases, and small sculptures) can soak up the limelight. The goal here is to create a visual stairway, leading the eye from the foundation, up to the penthouse.

When it comes to styling your coffee table, it's all about balance, texture, and personality, with a dash of creativity thrown into the mix. Remember, your coffee table is a reflection of your own personal style, so feel free to break the rules if it means staying true to yourself.

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