‘Tis’ or ‘tis Not’ the Season to Sell?

Can you believe it’s only 9 weeks to Christmas!! …and for many buyers a house is most definitely on their Christmas wish list. But, at this time of year, with the festive season almost upon us, many sellers are considering the all-important question when it comes to going to the market.

When is the right time to sell?

For those looking to sell now, is it best to push ahead and go to market in December? – one of the busiest social months on the calendar year, or is it better to hold off and wait until the New Year has begun?

The impact of the festive season is only one of many factors to consider when putting your home on the market. Listing your home for sale can be an emotional and stressful time and as a seller you can over analyse the timing of when to go to market, trying to find the absolute perfect time so you have the best advantage.

The reality is that the best time for you to sell is when you are ready. There are no rules when it comes to selling property, other than the ones we often create in our own minds! There are different factors to be weighed up when looking at the market at different times of year.

Although the Christmas and holiday period follows the Spring season, traditionally the busiest time of the year for selling your home in Australia, it’s also a time when stocks begin to run low and there is less competition around. So often a time when homes get snapped up and for great prices – simply because there is nothing to buy.

The world is becoming a busier and more mobile place and this in turn has smoothed out some of the more traditional selling cycles we used to rely on. Sure, they are still there, but there really is no one perfect time to sell.

On top of this, Perth is a very transient city, and at this time of year there are huge numbers of people moving in and out of the State from here and overseas. These buyers have shorter timelines and constraints to move on, that other buyers may not, meaning they make decisions far quicker than the traditional buyer.

Coastal and waterfront properties obviously look their best at this time of year, so should be marketed to their seasonal advantage, however history also shows these properties will sell at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

The current media and political stability also have a part to play in buoying buyer confidence. The market has stabilised somewhat and there seems to be a higher level of consumer confidence in the property market, especially in the Western Suburbs.

Buyer numbers are extremely high at the moment and homes are selling quickly if they are priced appropriately.

Having your home for sale over this period does have certain challenges that need to be overcome in terms of access and home opens, however it’s also a great time for people to really have a look around when they have a bit more time on their hands. Christmas can also be for many families, one of the first times during the year that all the family is all together and people are ready to make some big decisions.

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