Top 3 Things to Add to Your New Build

Building your dream home is an exciting project to undertake, but there’s a lot to consider in the designing process. An often overlooked aspect is future renovations and changes. The thought of renovations may seem like the last thing you want to consider at the start of building, however, there are a few things you’ll want to consider early on before you break ground as they are often difficult and expensive to modify in the future.


A scullery (also known as a butler’s pantry) is fast becoming a must-have in many modern Australian kitchens. A scullery plays a backstage role in your kitchen - it’s a place where you can prepare meals, wash up and essentially make a mess and hide dirty dishes whilst keeping everything hidden from the main kitchen. A scullery can also be used for additional storage - some also choose to use this space to incorporate a laundry space which is tucked away and out of sight. Often a room separate to the kitchen itself, a scullery is not an easy addition to make in the future unless you are willing to forgo space elsewhere.



Most families, regardless of the age of the occupants, want a bathtub in at least one of their bathrooms. Bathtubs are great for families with little kids and they can also be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Many people are often unaware that having a bathtub is very attractive to buyers, particularly if they have little kids - making it an almost guaranteed value add to your home. If you know you may sell one day then be sure to include a bathtub from the get go as it is a difficult component to add in later on due to the plumbing required. If space is a concern, there are many bath varieties that won’t take up as much room such as a round bathtub, a small freestanding tub or a bath/shower hybrid can be a great option.


High Ceilings

Gone are the days where you can change a lightbulb whilst standing on your tippy toes. Most people are looking for voluminous and light filled rooms in their home and high ceilings are great way to achieve this. High ceilings give you the opportunity to include beautiful pieces of art around the room and can also help with hiding unsightly items such as air conditioning units. If you’re building a new house it’s more cost effective in the long run to include your chosen ceiling height in your original plans - you will save time, money and hassle later on if you do!


While it’s easy to let yourself get caught up in the moment of building a new home, you’ll want to take a step back and make sure you’re making smart decisions about all aspects of your design, including the structural aspects. There are many elements of a home that can be modified later on but structural changes can be very costly and sometimes impossible down the line. Be sure to communicate with your architect and builder early on so they know exactly what you want and how to achieve it.

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