Jodii Maguire

Meet Jodii

Corporate Psychologist

Being the best version of ourselves so that we can provide you the ultimate service is very important to us and with the help of Jodii, we're on track! With a focus on mental wellbeing and high performance, DUET is committed to ensuring that our people are supported and content in all aspects of their lives.

With over 20 years’ experience in Psychology, Wellbeing and Human Resources, in both the sporting and corporate arenas around the nation, there is no one better to help us through our ups and our downs.

As the Founder and Director of Think Performance, Jodii has worked with some of the nation’s corporate and sporting elite, helping them implement practical strategies to improve performance, wellbeing and leadership to be the best they can be. Now she is bringing her kindness, caring and love for the human spirit to DUET as our Corporate Psychologist.

Favourite quote:

Where your focus goes your energy will flow…