Steve Kerr

Meet Steve

After 27 years in the WA Fire Brigade, Steve often jokes that now he is putting fires out of a different kind.

Working side by side with Michelle through their many businesses and developments, Steve is no stranger to the industry. Focusing on working with families searching for homes, Steve is the team's go to person for assisting clients through their journey to find a property.

A one eyed Eagles supporter, he can be found screaming for his team during footy season as well as hitting the ball around the tennis court at Nedlands Tennis Club. An active member of the Nedlands community, Steve runs the Nedlands Fathering Project for the local schools with a passion for growing the relationship between busy dads and their children.

Always the first person to volunteer to help a friend or a community group in need, Steve extends that same level of caring and dedication to families he works with.

Favourite quote:

Carn The Eagles!