Milieu on Mountjoy

Carefully crafted by award-winning Klopper & Davis Architects and brought to life by Willem Properties, Milieu on Mountjoy has been thoughtfully crafted to take advantage of the unique, tree-lined street of Mountjoy Road. Designed to maximise space and light and drawing inspiration from the streetscapes of Nedlands, Milieu represents more than just your typical townhome.

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Milieu On Mountjoy, by its essence, speaks to the idea of 'place': 'milieu' meaning a setting or environment in which something grows, flourishes, or interacts. This concept is at the heart of the brand's design: capturing the spirit of 'place' perfectly, blending its verdant streetscape with the tranquillity of nature.

Embodying the residences and their surrounds, the brand is contemporary, yet deeply connected to nature. Every aspect of the brand pays homage to a life where refined elegance meets genuine homeliness, a reflection of what you can expect when calling Milieu home.



In a landscape eager for innovative design, Milieu on Mountjoy's distinctive architectural flair set a new standard for the area, and it was paramount to relay this to potential buyers. Catering predominantly to young professional couples and international/interstate investors, our focused marketing targeted specific suburbs where many of these buyers reside.

In recognising the strong demand for this unique development, we introduced a limited reservation window, where buyers could personally liaise with the architect and builder, fostering a sense of bespoke home creation.

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