Montauk Nedlands

Come home to a modern sanctuary that's beautifully planned and exquisitely finished. A collection of four unrepeatable residences in an incomparable location, Montauk presents sanctuaries not just built, but meticulously crafted for those who seek sophistication at every corner. Over two diligently designed levels, each 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom townhome blends bespoke refinement with practical design.

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    Naming, Logo, Colour Palette, Copywriting

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    Floorplans, Signage, Press Advertising

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Montauk was intricately designed to capture Nedlands' tranquil lifestyle and its intimate connection to the river. Inspired by the sophisticated yet contemporary homes it symbolises, the Montauk brand echoes this through its fresh colour palette, graceful use of curves and elegant logo. Each element of the Montauk brand celebrates a life where modern sophistication and leisurely riverside comfort harmoniously intertwine.



Understanding the nuanced needs of our target audience was pivotal in shaping the architectural blueprint of this project. Our deep knowledge of local trends fostered collaboration with developers, optimising functionality and space while addressing modern family challenges. 

By leveraging our market presence in the area and through targeted marketing, we introduced Montauk and engaged potential buyers that were seeking spacious homes within budget constraints.

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